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Calculate Your Vascular Age

The Vascular Age Calculator (VAC) provides an easy way to measure your vascular health, correlated to your risk of developing CVD. The VAC considers your risk-adjusted age within your cohort and incorporates cardiovascular risk factors that may be reversible. The end result is the equivalent age of someone of your gender having no additional CV risk factors. For example, if your chronological age is 45 and your vascular age is 54, your vascular age is telling you that your vasculature is more like that of a healthy 54 year old without any risk factors, i.e. someone that is at a higher risk for developing CVD.

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Atherosclerosis usually develops slowly over many years—sometimes starting in childhood—and causes no symptoms until middle age or older. This suggests that there likely are a large number of asymptomatic adults who are unwittingly at risk of a cardiac event. In fact, clinical researchers have estimated that approximately 40% of U.S. adults without symptoms of coronary heart disease are at moderate risk of a cardiac event and 25% of asymptomatic U.S. adults are at high risk of a cardiac event1.

AngioDefender makes it easy to track your progress toward a healthier heart. Once you’ve received your %FMD score on your instant report, you and your doctor can create an action plan to decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

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