Predict cardiovascular disease before symptoms appear

Endothelial Dysfunction

Clinical studies have demonstrated that endothelial cell dysfunction is a key biomarker of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease (CVD)1A patient’s level of endothelial dysfunction can predict the occurrence of CVD years in advance in otherwise asymptomatic patients. The progression of endothelial damage is illustrated below, including descriptions of the various complications that stem from each stage of this condition.
The AngioDefender system is a CE-marked device that enables you to assess a patient’s level of endothelial dysfunction early on, allowing time for behavioral and pharmacologic intervention to protect the endothelium from further damage. The AngioDefender system has been shown to significantly correlate to the gold standard for measuring endothelial dysfunction, namely brachial artery ultrasound imaging, as summarized on our Certification & Clinical Validation page here.

Highly accurate: computerized procedure generates reliable data
Quick: test conducted in under 20 minutes
Non-invasive: uses a blood pressure cuff
Instant results: report available immediately



  1. Michael E. Widlansky, MD et al. The Clinical Implications of Endothelial Dysfunction. Journal of the American College of Cardiology Vol. 42, No. 7, 2003.

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Measuring Endothelial Function

Understanding how flow-mediated dilation can be used to quantify your patient’s vascular health

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