A breakthrough diagnostic for accurately assessing cardiovascular disease risk … within minutes

The AngioDefender system is not commercially available in the United States.

Everist Health™ has developed the AngioDefendersystem; a non-invasive device used to quickly and cost-effectively assess the presence of early-stage CVD and atherosclerosis. It is the only diagnostic aid that combines patent protected sensor technology with a software algorithm, allowing providers to detect early-stage disease years before a patient exhibits symptoms.
Furthermore, the AngioDefender system can be used to monitor treatments, such as those for high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol levels. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment prevents serious CVD events, such as congestive heart failure and stroke.1


  1. American Heart Association. Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics, 2010

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How it Works

Learn about how the AngioDefender® system works and the major steps in the AngioDefender system test.

Comparison to other Methods

Understand the limitations of methods currently used to measure endothelial function and one’s risk of developing CVD.


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