Measure endothelial function with greater utility than ever before

Although the clinical value of endothelial testing has been demonstrated as a key biomarker of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, current diagnostic testing methods (such as Brachial Artery Ultrasound, ‘BAUI’) are costly, difficult and complex to use.

The BAUI method has major limitations. It requires access to expensive ultrasound equipment and a specialized ultrasound probe. BAUI is also dependent on the skill of the operator and so interpretation may vary from one user to the next. Consequently, the cost, complexity and time required to perform ultrasound based measurement of Flow Mediated Dilation (‘FMD’) of the brachial artery has confined its use to research applications.

The AngioDefender system test has all the advantages of BAUI, but removes the challenges stemming from cost, training, and repeatability. The AngioDefender system is also portable and can be placed in many healthcare environments ranging from urban to rural locations. Table 1 summarizes current methods for quantifying endothelial function.

Comparison Table

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