How would the way you administer care change?

What if you could predict CVD in patients before symptoms appear? Before an EKG or angiogram is administered? Even before lab tests are performed? 

There are many benefits for incorporating the AngioDefender system into your business, whether you are focused on patient wellness or disease prevention. Some examples include: primary care clinics, rehabilitation centers, weight loss centers, nicotine addiction clinics, and corporate wellness programs.

Use the AngioDefender system to:

Improve your patient management decisions: Identify early-stage CVD in asymptomatic patients and monitor the effectiveness of prescription therapy and lifestyle modification.

Provide quick, accurate assessments: Non-invasive and easy to use, the AngioDefender test takes only 15-18 minutes and delivers accurate, reproducible results.

Encourage repeat visits: Measure your patients’ progress and engage in ongoing, productive conversations about heart health.

Offer a test that others don’t: Attract new, health-conscious patients by being among the first to offer AngioDefender testing.

The following behavioral and pharmacological interventions have been clinically shown to reduce several CVD risk factors and positively affect endothelial function:
CVD Risk Factor Table

The AngioDefender system is an effective solution to the technical, clinical, usability, and cost challenges associated with detecting early endothelial dysfunction. These advantages position the AngioDefender® system test to become an integral part of standard screening methodology applied by healthcare providers for assessing early-stage cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, particularly in asymptomatic patients.

The AngioDefender system will help providers assess early-stage CVD risk and evaluate the development of atherosclerosis through:

  • Identifying asymptomatic patients with early-stage CVD within normal blood-pressure and lipid ranges but which may have sub-clinical atherosclerosis and CVD as determined by their AngioDefender® score.
  • Periodically assessing the health of patients.
  • Screening asymptomatic patients which the AngioDefender system identified as at-risk because of family history or associated illness.
  • Assessing the merits of prescribing pharmacological intervention and lifestyle modification.
  • The AngioDefender system represents an additional means of monitoring response to therapy and life-style modification, helping physicians to create personalized dosage and treatment regimens

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