Everist Health Takes Short Step on Long Journey to Help Heart Health Across Canada

It’s just across the Ambassador Bridge, a few hundred yards from the US border. The establishment of an office in Canada represents the start of a long journey in the development of Michigan based Everist Health. The US corporation has made a commitment to make its new heart health technology available throughout Ontario and right across the provinces that make up the vast expanse of Canada.

“We looked at a number of locations throughout Ontario, but in the end we received terrific support from the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation,” says Everist Health CEO Matt Bartlam. “They introduced us to Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare which is the perfect location from which to support both research and the development of cardiovascular wellness programs in Canada. Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is repositioning itself to be a community wellness center and our office is right next door to a new cardiovascular rehabilitation center that that opened in the healthcare center in September 2015.” 

Bartlam points out that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in Canada and as the population ages, the pressure on the Canadian health care system will become financially unsustainable.

“Our technology is designed to help people manage their own health and minimize their risk of developing CVD,” explains Bartlam, ”It can be used in multiple community environments including primary care facilities, fitness centers, weight loss clinics, smoking cessation programs, pharmacies and corporate wellness programs, so we will be seeking partners in many business areas.”

Everist Health has already established trials with the Cardiac Rehab and Secondary Prevention at St. Joseph's Heath Care London and is collaborating with Closing the Gap Healthcare Group, a Toronto based leading provider of home and community care as well as corporate wellness programs.

For more information on the availability in Canada of Everist Health technology for measuring Heart Health accurately, quickly, and painlessly contact Kristy McLean at: 

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Windsor Ontario N9C 3Z4

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