Indian Bank Takes a New Approach to Employee Health

The date was May 15, 2015 at the bustling ICICI bank in Mumbai, India. ICICI bank is currently India’s largest private sector bank with a network of 4,050 branches and 13,030 ATMs. Khyati Sheth (32), an employee for ICICI bank, attended work as she normally did, except on May 15th, there was a change. Khyati was scheduled to have her vascular health tested as part of her corporate wellness offering at work. Little did Khyati realize, she was about to take a test that would provide her with a glimpse into her heart health and what her foreseeable future was if she didn’t make a positive behaviour change.

Being a banker often comes with an increased amount of stress and a busy schedule, resulting in poor lifestyle habits. This became the realization as Khyati took her first of two AngioDefender tests. After great anticipation and wondering what her outcome would be, Khyati was told she had a flow-mediated dilation1 (FMD) of 5.9%. This meant Khyati was at risk for cardiovascular disease and if she didn’t make changes to her lifestyle, that she was headed towards experiencing a cardiac event, amongst other complications. 

Following the AngioDefender test, Sunita Gohrani, the administrator and advisor, provided Khyati with a health and wellness plan in addition to small lifestyle changes she could make to see positive changes. This included incorporating more fruits and vegetables into her diet, avoiding breads, cakes and fried foods, and taking brisk walks. Over the period of four months, Khyati dedicated herself to following the advice and guidance from Sunita. She realized the harm she was doing to her body by not focusing on her well-being.  

Four months later it was time for Khyati’s second AngioDefender test. She had been working diligently on maintaining healthy eating habits and exercising regularly but, would her test indicate that she was doing enough? After sitting in silence for twenty minutes while the AngioDefender test ran through its program, Khyati was about to hear the results from her advisor, Sunita. To her surprise, Khyati’s FMD score almost doubled to 10.0%. Khyati was so pleased with the result, she went home after work and told her family of the good news. Not only did Khyati want to continue her positive lifestyle changes but she booked appointments for her family members to take the test and receive a health and wellness plan as well.

Khyati provided us with a testimonial on her experience, “The AngioDefender test really helped me in detecting future heart risk. After a low score I was too depressed but the diet chart given by the Everist Team (Ms. Sunita) really helped. In span of 4 month my score improved drastically. Thanks team for the awareness. Recommend all to test... it's simple non invasive non stressful.”

For more information on how you can enroll in our AngioDefender program, contact Kristy McLean at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

1Flow-mediated dilation - The gold standard way of measuring endothelial function, an important measurement that determines an individual’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

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